The First Steps of Custom Home Design

Designing a Custom Home for a client is a rewarding experience. Many times, this is the home they have saved for, will be raising their family in, or retiring in – it’s their dream home. This is why we are not locked into any specific “style,” we design for our clients needs, and see it as our responsibility to ensure that the final plans they receive are representative of their needs, their personalities, and their dream.

First Things First:

Our Approach to Design: Product Lines for Volume Builders

It's no secret we love designing homes and spaces for families to live in and enjoy. Over the past 40 years, we have worked extensively with volume builders as well as custom clients. The process of working with a volume builder differs in some respects from working with a custom client, but in both cases a lot of information is needed to get started. When I develop a new product line for a builder, the following criteria must be determined in order for me to design what the builder has in mind.

Rebuilding After Harvey

We're still in shock over the devastation that has hit Texas since Hurricane Harvey made landfall late last week. Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected and are experiencing the pain of home loss. However here in Texas our resolve is strong and, even as the rains continue, we are already hearing stories of folks rebuilding.


In our last blog post, Sara Cox shared her lessons learned while designing and building multiple homes for her family. We thought we’d take one lesson in particular, namely, designing spaces for your children, and “build upon” it (ha – a little home designer humor there).


It’s not easy building your own personal residence when your husband designs homes for a living. You’d think it would be, right? They say building a home is a test of a marriage. We’ve survived five builds. And he keeps hoping I’ll give in for just one more. I’m starting to bend, not give in, but I’m a little less rigid than I was nine years ago when we started our current home.